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Industry Experience

Industry Experience

Our industry experience includes:

film, music and entertainment (a video distributor, independent film producer, financing film development, a computer games company, and an internet and calendar publishing company);
technology and biotech (a company developing genome recognition software and a company developing specialized software for the insurance industry);
manufacturing (amplifiers, light electronics, and computer manufacture);
financial and professional services (equipment leasing, a medical call center, and restructuring a human resources company);
telecommunications (a WiMax wireless broadband telephone and internet company);
healthcare ( ambulatory surgery centers, oncology and radiation therapy)

Peter Davidson has written business plans for startups, venture capital and private equity firms. He has been a featured speaker about business planning, preparing business plans, and raising venture capital for the Film Industry Network and the California Space Authority. In addition, he has served as an interim CFO and chief strategy consultant for a medium-sized oncology and medical imaging practice. He has served both publicly and privately held companies.

Clients and Engagements

• Genome Sequencing Software
• Software for Property and Casualty Insurance
• Aerospace
• Computer Assembly and Distribution
• ASPs and On-line Software Services

• Oncology and Radiation Therapy
• Medical Imaging
• Home Healthcare Services
• Clinical Trials and Drug Testing
• Medical Call Centers

• Video Distributors
• Music Licencing and Distribution
• Independent Film Production
• Feature Film Development Companies
• Broadband Film Distribution
• Film Industry Network
• Video Games
• Concert Promotion
• Nightclubs and Live Entertainment
• Publishing and Print-On-Demand Services
• Casinos & Gaming 

• Amplifier and Speaker Manufacturing
• Tractor and Agricultural Equipment Manufacture

• WiMax Broadband Internet and  Telephony Service

• Internet retailer specializing in servicing the Mexican Immigrant market. 

• High-Tech Equipment Leasing
• Agricultural Equipment Finance