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Venture Capital and Private Equity

Davidson & Company LLC is an expert on working with venture capitalists and private equity investors and matching them up with entrepreneurs with a vision. 

Our focus is on working with entrepreneurs who are developing new enterprises – as CFO, strategy consultant, performing market research, and matching them up with the right investor.

Our services to entrepreneurs and investors include: 

• Financial Planning and Analysis
• Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting
• Preparing Business Plans
• Capital Structuring
• Market and Competition Studies
• SWOT Analysis
• Capital Raising
• Due Diligence

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The goal of our services is to help entrepreneurs (and investors) measure the potential of their venture, find the right investor, optimally structure the investment, and help implement their business plan.

Davidson & Company, LLC has experience working with venture capital funds and private equity investors under the auspices of such firms as:  Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, the Defense Enterprise Fund, Western NIS Enterprise Fund, Haig Barrett and Associates, Athena Capital Partners, and many others.  We have worked in the US, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, and Japan.