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Services to Entrepreneurs:

Davidson & Company acts as financial advisor, CFO and liaison to capital sources for entrepreneurs who need professional financial management skills to help develop their business plans and raise capital.

 • You want to start a company. You have a new technology. You have a unique method of marketing an existing product that will open new markets.

• You have your own company.  You believe opportunity exists for growth.  You want to discuss eventually exiting your business, although you believe that you can build it before you exit.  You want to measure what is possible and not risk what you have built without the proper diligence.

Preparing Business Plans and Financial Projections:

Raising capital to start or expand a business is a time consuming process that often takes more than a year from initiation of the process to receipt of the investment. Thereafter the entrepreneur can expect to invest between five and ten years of his life trying to turn his business proposition into a profitable reality, while dealing with competitors, shifts in the market, new technologies, relations with his investors and bankers, and running his own company. 

Your business is already an asset with considerable value, and professional advice in developing your business plans will increase its value. 

If you are just an entrepreneur with an idea for a business, you should consult with a professional to help you craft your business plan.  This is a document with which you are going to raise significant amounts of capital.  Review by an experienced professional can pave the way to raising the capital you need, as well as point any pitfalls or problems you may not have anticipated.  And don’t expect venture capitalists to spend a lot of time giving you critiques of your business plan – they already receive more plans than they know what to do with.

Working with a professional is the most effective way to determine the feasibility of your assumptions and get a third-party viewpoint on the direction and plan of your proposed business.  Professional advice will decrease the time you spend raising capital, allow you to avoid the mistakes that many people make, and help you develop a business strategy that will make your company a success.

Consulting CFO:

Your company or project may need the services of an experienced CFO, but not the resources or need to hire one full-time.  In that case, our services are structured to helping you achieve your aims.

We take a long-term view of work with our clients, helping determine the important facets of the business that need attention and applying our skills to reach the best outcome for solving our client’s problems.  Our skills as experienced financial analysts and having worked as CFO both in growing companies and those entering difficult times and needing help and direction.

Financial Planning and Analysis:

• Determine the capital required, when it will be needed, and the best sources to fund your business expansion. Develop a real financial road map for your business’ future.

• Financial analysis: what are the drivers behind your business? Where are you losing money? How can you streamline your operations without losing flexibility or the ability to meet your customers’ needs? How can you run your business better while keeping both short and long term goals in mind?

• Exit Strategies: What is your business worth? How will you exit your business and who will buy it?

• Feasibility Studies and Scenario Analysis:  Do your assumptions about the market bear up to reality?  How will your company be affected by changes in market conditions?  To what changes in the market is your business most sensitive?

Market Research and Strategy:

• Market Analysis:  How large is your target market?  What are its characteristics?  How is it best reached?  How much can it afford to spend on your products?

• Competitive Analysis:  Who is competing in your market?  How do they target their customers?  What are their advertising and marketing strategies?  What kind of price and/or competitive differentiation do they provide?  How do you fit in to the market, and how do you compare with your competition?  What will be the best strategy for competing with them?

Associations with Other Service Professionals:

Davidson and Company assists other firms in providing top-quality services to their clients.  We provide financial analysis, preparation of pro forma financial statements and cash flow projections, and performed financial due diligence to strategy consultants, restructuring and turnaround firms, and investment bankers:

• Investment banking:  developing financial projections, preparing selling memoranda, and working with clients and investors in negotiating deals on capital raises, mergers and acquisitions, and other transactions.

• Restructuring and turnaround:  financial analysis and support work for turnaround consultants who needed extra help in analysis and dealing with troubled companies.  Duties have included preparing cash budgets, cash management and managing working capital, developing short, medium and long-term strategic turnaround plans, analyzing alternative strategies, performing due diligence, and negotiating with creditors.

• Strategy consulting:  Davidson and Company has assisted strategy consultants as the finance side of their consulting team in working with major corporations on issues such as corporate venturing and preparing business strategies.

• Due diligence:  We have also aided investors analyze the finances of the targets they are investigating.

Services to Filmmakers:

Davidson & Company has assisted filmmakers in preparing business plans and financial forecasts for independent feature film projects and the raising of development capital.  Examples of the work provided has included:

• Genre and market research:  Researching markets and similar genre offerings in developing comparisons of the client’s project with those films that target the same general market.

• Financial projections:  Assisting filmmakers by providing detailed cash flow projections of the sources, uses and returns of the capital invested in the film, with scenario analysis, for use by the filmmaker and to show to potential investors.

• Business plan writing, editing and consulting:  Writing complete business plans for the raising of funds for feature films, as well as providing consulting and editing services to filmmakers who have already prepared a business plan and need a professional to review their work, suggest changes and help them edit the document so that it will be the best it can be.

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